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zealous (adj) [full of zeal; ardent] buzgó (adj) [full of zeal; ardent] (adj)
EN Synonyms for zealous HU Translations
impatient [eager] impaciente
desirous [eager] deseoso
fervent [eager] ferviente
avid [eager] ávido
enthusiastic [eager] entusiástico
anxious [eager] receloso
eager [property] anhelante
impassioned [property] apasionado
spirited [property] animoso
earnest [property] serio
ardent [property] compasivo
devoted [character trait] afectuoso
faithful [character trait] fiel {m}
true [character trait] verdadero
loyal [character trait] fiel {m}
constant [character trait] constante {f}
sensational [enthusiastic] (informal sensacional
radiant [enthusiastic] radiante
glowing [enthusiastic] resplandeciente
pagan [idol-worshiping] pagano