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and also(o)[plus] oltre a(o)[plus]
and also(o)[plus] in aggiunta a(o)[plus]
and also(o)[general] e anche(o)[general]
and also(o)[general] insieme a(o)[general]
and also(o)[plus] con(o)[plus]
and also(o)[plus] e(o)[plus]

ENITTranslations for and

and e
and(o)[conjunction] e(o)[conjunction]
and(o)[conjunction] ed(o)[conjunction]

ENITTranslations for also

also anche
also(adv)[in addition; besides; as well; further; too] anche(adv)[in addition; besides; as well; further; too]
also(o)[likewise] anche(o)[likewise]
also(o)[too] anche(o)[too]
also(o)[too] pure(o)[too]
also(o)[likewise] inoltre(o)[likewise]
also altresì
also pur