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approach accesso {m}
approach (n) [general] accesso (n) {m} [general]
approach (n) [general] approccio (n) {m} [general]
approach (n) [method] approccio (n) {m} [method]
approach (n) [problem] approccio (n) {m} [problem]
EN English IT Italian
  • approached
  • approach
  • approach
  • approached
  • approached
  • avvicinando
  • avrai avvicinato
  • avranno avvicinato
approach (v) [ask] rivolgersi a (v) [ask]
approach (n) [problem] impostazione (n) {f} [problem]
approach (n) [problem] messa a fuoco (n) {f} [problem]
approach (n) [problem] modo di affrontare (n) {m} [problem]
approach (v) [transitive] avvicinarsi a (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] accostarsi a (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] avvicinarsi (v) [transitive]
approach (n) [general] via d'accesso (n) {f} [general]
approach avvicinamento
EN Synonyms for approach IT Translations
manner [disposition] trant
feeling [disposition] emotie {f}
bearing [disposition] drachtig
temperament [disposition] temperament {n}
spirit [disposition] geest {m}
attitude [disposition] attitude {f}
hail [greet] hagel {m}
accost [greet] aanklampen
apply [greet] doorvoeren
direct [greet] mennen
speak to [greet] praten met
address [greet] adres {n}
conform [equal] conform
amount to [equal] neerkomen op
intention [purpose] strekking {f}
plan [purpose] strekking {f}
aim [purpose] bedoeling {f}
objective [purpose] objectief {n}
method [purpose] werkwijze {m}
angle [purpose] afhellen