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basic (a) [chemistry] alcalino (a) [chemistry]
basic (a) [chemistry] basico (a) [chemistry]
basic (n adj) [chemistry: of a base] basico (n adj) [chemistry: of a base]
basic (a) [staple] maggiore (a) {m} [staple]
basic base {f}
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basic (a) [staple] principale (a) [staple]
basic (a) [elementary] elementare (a) [elementary]
basic (a) [elementary] rudimentale (a) [elementary]
basic (a) [elementary] di base (a) [elementary]
basic (a) [fundamental] essenziale (a) [fundamental]
basic (a) [fundamental] fondamentale (a) [fundamental]
basic (a) [fundamental] basilare (a) [fundamental]
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caustic [containing alkali] caustica (adj n)
antacid [containing alkali] antiacido {m}
chemical [containing alkali] chìmico
alkaline [containing alkali] alcalini
primary [initial] primario
first [initial] innanzitutto
elementary [initial] elementare
introductory [initial] preliminare
rudimentary [initial] di base
beginning [initial] apertura {f}
partial [component] (pej. parziale
integral [component] integro
constituent [component] costituente {f}
fundamental [component] fondamentale
elemental [component] essenziale
composing [component] composizione {f}
abecedarian [rudimentary] abbecedario
normal [regular] normale
typical [regular] proprio
sample [regular] campione {m}
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BASIC (n) [elaborazione dei dati] {m} BASIC (n) [elaborazione dei dati]