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EN English IT Italian
beginning (n) [origin] origine (n) {f} [origin]
beginning (n) [general] inizio (n) {m} [general]
beginning (n) [origin] inizio (n) {m} [origin]
beginning (n) [origin] principio (n) {m} [origin]
beginning (n) [origin] fonte (n) {f} [origin]
EN English IT Italian
beginning (a) [commencing] iniziale (a) {f} [commencing]
beginning (a) [commencing] d'inizio (a) [commencing]
beginning (n) [event] apertura (n) {f} [event]
EN Synonyms for beginning IT Translations
initiation [commencement] Initiierung {f}
opening [commencement] Einwurf {m}
dawn [commencement] Dämmerung {f}
emergence [commencement] Aufbruch (m)
start [commencement] Systemstart
primary [initial] idiopathisch
first [initial] an erster Stelle
basic [initial] basisch
elementary [initial] grundlegend
introductory [initial] einführend
rudimentary [initial] elementar
creation [origin] Schöpfung {f}
birth [origin] Geburt {f}
conception [origin] Konzeption {f}
source [origin] Source
font [origin] Font (n)
rise [origin] hochfliegen
generation [origin] Erstellung
inception [point of departure] Einführung {f}
origin [point of departure] Entstehung {f}