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breakthrough (n) [science] passo avanti (n) {m} [science]
breakthrough (n) [science] conquista (n) {f} [science]
breakthrough (n) [science] scoperta (n) {f} [science]
EN Synonyms for breakthrough IT Translations
innovation [new thing] innovazione {f}
creation [new thing] Creato
origination [new thing] ragione {f}
fad [new thing] (informal moda {f}
novelty [new thing] ultimo grido {m}
results [findings] risultati (mp)
formula [findings] ricetta {f}
find [findings] scoperta {f}
invention [findings] storia inventata {f}
discovery [findings] reperto {m}
frontier [new field of learning] frontiera {f}
landmark [turning point] pietra miliare {f}
occasion [turning point] (formal luogo {m}
climax [turning point] momento culminante
event [turning point] vicenda
anniversary [turning point] compleanno {m}
milestone [turning point] pietra miliare {f}