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bribe (v) [person]
  • bribed
  • bribe
  • bribe
  • bribed
  • bribed
comprare (v) [person]
  • comprando
  • avrai comprato
  • avranno comprato
bribe (v) [person] comprare il silenzio (v) [person]
bribe (v) [person]
  • bribed
  • bribe
  • bribe
  • bribed
  • bribed
corrompere (v) [person]
  • corrompendo
  • avrai corrotto
  • avranno corrotto
bribe (n) [crime] bustarella (n) {f} [crime]
bribe (n) [crime] denaro per corrompere (n) {m} [crime]
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bribe (n v) [inducement to dishonesty] tangente (n v) {f} [inducement to dishonesty]
EN Synonyms for bribe IT Translations
coerce [extort] obbligare
squeeze [extort] ange
force [extort] vigente
blackmail [extort] ricatto {m}
coercion [extortion] coercizione {f}
ransom [extortion] estorsione {f}
payoff [extortion] ricompensa {f}
corrupt [activity] perverso
pay off [activity] fruttare
hire [activity] nolo
buy [activity] compera {f}
extortion [bribe to ensure silence] estorsione {f}
graft [bribe to ensure silence] trapianto
haul [bribe to ensure silence] trasporto {m}
theft [bribe to ensure silence] furto {m}
hush money [bribe to ensure silence] prezzo del silenzio {m}
lure [inducement] adescamento
attraction [inducement] incanto {m}
enticement [inducement] adescamento
decoy [inducement] adescatore