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Brown Tinamou Crypturellus obsoletus

EN IT Translations for brown

brown (v) [culinary] rosolare (v) [culinary]
brown (v) [culinary] dorare (v) [culinary]
brown (a) [general] abbronzato (a) [general]
brown (a) [color] marrone (a) {m} [color]
brown (n) [color] marrone (n) {m} [color]
brown (a) [color] bruno (a) {m} [color]
brown (a) [general] castano (a) [general]
brown (a) [general] scuro (a) {m} [general]
brown [colour] marrone {m} [colour]
brown [colour] castano [colour]

EN IT Translations for tinamou

tinamou (n) [bird of the family Tinamidae] (n) tinamo (n) [bird of the family Tinamidae] (n)