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by giro (o) [banking] per giroconto (o) [banking]
by giro (o) [banking] per bancogiro (o) [banking]

EN IT Translations for by

by (o) [location] presso (o) [location]
by (o) [location] vicino a (o) [location]
by (o) [dimension] per (o) [dimension]
by (o) [division] per (o) [division]
by (o) [multiplication] per (o) [multiplication]
by (o) [travel] per (o) [travel]
by (o) [books] di (o) [books]
by (o) [general] con (o) [general]
by (o) [means] con (o) [means]
by (o) [travel] via (o) {f} [travel]

EN IT Translations for giro

giro (n) [banking] istituto che effettua bancogiri (n) {m} [banking]
giro (n) [type of transfer of funds] giroconto (n) [type of transfer of funds]