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ITEN Translations for campionato

campionato (n)[competition to determine a champion]{m} championship (n)[competition to determine a champion]
campionato (n)[sport]{m} championship (n)[sport]

ITEN Translations for mondo

mondo (n)[creato]{m} creation (n)[creato]
mondo (n)[terra]{m} earth (n)[terra]
mondo (n)[terra]{m} globe (n)[terra]
mondo (n)[terra]{m} planet earth (n)[terra]
mondo {m} world
mondo (n)[creato]{m} world (n)[creato]
mondo (n)[generale]{m} world (n)[generale]
mondo (n v)[human collective existence]{m} world (n v)[human collective existence]
mondo (n)[terra]{m} world (n)[terra]
mondo (n)[creato]{m} universe (n)[creato]

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