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classical (adj) [Greek and Roman] classico (adj) [Greek and Roman]
classical (a) [general] classico (a) [general]
classical clàssico
EN Synonyms for classical IT Translations
typical [property] proprio
classic [property] clàssico
exemplary [property] esemplare {m}
model [property] modellino
representative [property] rappresentativo
ideal [property] ideale {m}
vintage [classic] vendemmia {f}
unwritten [handed down] non scritto
oral [handed down] verbale {m}
historic [handed down] storico {m}
ancestral [handed down] ancestrale
traditional [handed down] tradizionale
established [distinguished] stabilito
excellent [distinguished] prelibato
first-rate [distinguished] di prim'ordine
standard [distinguished] modello {m}
well-known [distinguished] notorio
famous [distinguished] inclito
flawless [distinguished] impeccabile
Greek [time] Lingua greca