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EN IT Translations for communion

communion (n) [religious group] comunione (n) {f} [religious group]
communion (n) [religion - catholic] comunione (n) {f} [religion - catholic]
communion (n) [religion - Protestant] comunione (n) {f} [religion - Protestant]
communion (n) [religious group] comunità (n) {f} [religious group]
Communion (n) [religion] Comunione (n) {f} [religion]
Communion (n) [religion] Santa Comunione (n) {f} [religion]

EN IT Translations for and

and (o) [conjunction] e (o) [conjunction]
and (o) [conjunction] ed (o) [conjunction]
and e

EN IT Translations for liberation

liberation (n) [slavery] (formal) liberazione (n) {f} [slavery]
liberation (n) [prisoner] (formal) liberazione (n) {f} [prisoner]
liberation (n) [slavery] (formal) emancipazione (n) {f} [slavery]
liberation (n) [prisoner] (formal) rilascio (n) {m} [prisoner]
Libération Libération