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conservative (a) [cautious] prudente (a) [cautious]
conservative (a) [cautious] cauto (a) [cautious]
conservative (a) [behavior] conservatore (a) {m} [behavior]
conservative (a) [politics] conservatore (a) {m} [politics]
conservative (a) [politics - general] conservatore (a) {m} [politics - general]
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conservative (n) [politics - general - man] conservatore (n) {m} [politics - general - man]
conservative (a) [politics - general] di destra (a) [politics - general]
conservative (n) [politics - general - man] uomo di destra (n) {m} [politics - general - man]
conservative (n) [politics - general - woman] donna di destra (n) {f} [politics - general - woman]
conservative (n) [politics - general - woman] conservatrice (n) {f} [politics - general - woman]
conservative conservativo {m}
EN Synonyms for conservative IT Translations
reactionary [retrograde] reazionaria {f}
regressive [retrograde] (formal regressivo
backward [retrograde] a ritroso
backwards [retrograde] a ritroso
traditionalist [champion of the status quo] tradizionalista {f}
traditional [cautious] tradizionale
unchanging [cautious] inalterabile
conventional [cautious] conformista {m}
inflexible [cautious] inviolabile
stable [cautious] scuderia
obstinate [cautious] cocciuto {m}
follower [conventionalist] discepolo {m}
adherent [conventionalist] aderente {m}
advocate [conventionalist] paladina {f}
conformist [conventionalist] conformista {m}
orthodox [conventional] ortodosso
doctrinal [conventional] dogmatico
biased [narrow minded] parziale
intolerant [narrow minded] intollerante
rigid [narrow minded] inviolabile