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constraint (n) [pressure] costrizione (n) {f} [pressure]
constraint (n) [freedom] restrizione (n) {f} [freedom]
constraint (n) [behavior] imbarazzo (n) {m} [behavior]
constraint (n) [mathematics: condition to a solution] vincolo (n) {m} [mathematics: condition to a solution]
constraint (n) [pressure] coercizione (n) {f} [pressure]
EN English IT Italian
constraint (n) [behavior] soggezione (n) {f} [behavior]
constraint (n) [behavior] ritegno (n) {m} [behavior]
EN Synonyms for constraint IT Translations
detention [physical condition] arrestatie {f}
apprehension [physical condition] arrest {n}
confinement [physical condition] kerkering {f}
capture [physical condition] pakken
imprisonment [physical condition] kerkering {f}
seizure [physical condition] spasme {n}
arrest [physical condition] arrest {n}
enforcement [means] handhaving {f}
coercion [means] dwang {m}
compulsion [means] drang {m}
violence [means] geweld {n}
force [means] macht {m}
self-restraint [restraint] zelfdiscipline {f}
reserve [restraint] intekenen
poise [restraint] lichaamshouding {f}
forbearance [restraint] tolerantie {f}
self-control [restraint] zelfcontrole {m}
stoicism [restraint] stoïcisme {n}
composure [restraint] kalmte {f}
urgency [duress] aandrang {m}