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ITENTranslations for coppa

coppa(n)[drinking vessel with a foot and stem]{f} goblet(n)[drinking vessel with a foot and stem]
coppa(n)[automobili]{f} oil pan(n)[automobili]
coppa{f} cup
coppa(n)[sport]{f} cup(n)[sport]
coppa(n)[contenitore]{f} beaker(n)[contenitore]

ITENTranslations for europa

Europa{f} Europe
Europa(proper)[continent]{f} Europe(proper)[continent]
Europa(n)[geografia]{f} Europe(n)[geografia]
Europa{f} Europa
Europa(proper)[a moon of Jupiter]{f} Europa(proper)[a moon of Jupiter]

ITENTranslations for di

di than
di(conj prep adv)[Introduces a comparison] than(conj prep adv)[Introduces a comparison]
di(o)[generale] to(o)[generale]
di(o)[su] concerning(o)[su]
di(o)[su] regarding(o)[su]
di(o)[soggetto] about(o)[soggetto]
di(o)[su] about(o)[su]
di(a)[generale] some(a)[generale]
di(o)[libri] by(o)[libri]
di(o)[generale] of(o)[generale]

ITENTranslations for atletica

atletica(n)[generale]{f} athletics(n)[generale]