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covert (a) [concealed] coperto (a) [concealed]
covert (a) [concealed] nascosto (a) [concealed]
covert (a) [concealed] velato (a) [concealed]
covert (a) [concealed] mascherato (a) [concealed]
covert (a) [concealed] camuffato (a) [concealed]
EN Synonyms for covert IT Translations
copse [shelter] boschetto {m}
cover [shelter] montare
growth [shelter] crescita {f}
thicket [shelter] roveto
underbrush [shelter] sottobosco {m}
bower [shelter] recesso ombroso {m}
unseen [concealed or secret] visto {m}
secret [concealed or secret] riposta
clandestine [concealed or secret] clandestino {m}
unknown [concealed or secret] ignoto
out of sight [concealed or secret] fuori del campo visivo
hidden [concealed or secret] occulto
bushes [thicket] arbusti (mp)
brush [thicket] spazzola {f}
surreptitious [secret] furtivo
concealed [secret] riposi
sneak [secret] spia {f}
veiled [secret] velato
cryptic [property] enigmatico