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democratic (adj) [pertaining to democracy] democratico (adj) {m} [pertaining to democracy]
democratic (a) [politics] democratico (a) {m} [politics]
EN Synonyms for democratic IT Translations
lawful [based on constitution] lagenlig
legal [based on constitution] giltiga
approved [based on constitution] antagen
statutory [based on constitution] stadgeenlig
representative [based on constitution] representant (u)
constitutional [based on constitution] konstitutionell
popular [constitutional] poppel (u)
orderly [constitutional] ordonnans
just [constitutional] rättfärdig
free [constitutional] gratis
friendly [not snobbish] vänskapsmatch
human [not snobbish] människa (u)
common [not snobbish] vanlig
thoughtful [not snobbish] omtänksam