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EN English IT Italian
dingy (a) [house] povero (a) {m} [house]
dingy (a) [house] malconcio (a) [house]
dingy (a) [house] malandato (a) [house]
dingy (a) [dirty] sudicio (a) [dirty]
dingy (a) [dirty] sporco (a) [dirty]
EN English IT Italian
dingy (a) [dirty] lercio (a) [dirty]
EN Synonyms for dingy IT Translations
smeared [dirty with soot] imbrattato
dirty [dirty with soot] infangare
grimy [dirty with soot] fangoso
grubby [dirty with soot] sudicio
sooty [dirty with soot] fuligginoso
dismal [dull] spaventoso
monotonous [dull] uniforme {f}
dreary [dull] malinconico
colourless [dull] scolorito
drab [dull] grigio
soiled [property] (formal insudiciato
stained [property] pigmentato
black [property] nera {f}
forlorn [depressing] abbadonato
cheerless [depressing] sconsolato
gaunt [depressing] scarno
chill [depressing] colpo di freddo
lonely [depressing] romito
chilling [depressing] agghiacciante
slatternly [frowzy] (arch. trascurato