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ebullience (n) [mental condition] entusiasmo (n) {m} [mental condition]
ebullience (n) [mental condition] esuberanza (n) {f} [mental condition]
EN Synonyms for ebullience IT Translations
exhilaration [enthusiasm] gaiezza {f}
exuberance [enthusiasm] brio {m}
agitation [enthusiasm] scompiglio {m}
vitality [enthusiasm] vita {f}
ferment [enthusiasm] ribollire
zest [enthusiasm] entusiasmo {m}
excitement [enthusiasm] orgasmo {m}
ardour [eagerness] entusiasmo {m}
fanaticism [eagerness] fanatismo {m}
devotion [eagerness] meditazione {f}
verve [eagerness] verve {f}
enthusiasm [eagerness] passione {f}
well-being [feeling of well-being] benessere {m}
happiness [feeling of well-being] bene {m}
relaxation [feeling of well-being] allentamento {m}
elation [feeling of well-being] ilarità {f}
euphoria [feeling of well-being] euforia {f}