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EN English IT Italian
ensign (n v) [banner] insegna (n v) {f} [banner]
ensign (n) [nautical] bandiera (n) {f} [nautical]
ensign (n) [nautical] stendardo (n) {m} [nautical]
ensign distintivo
ensign (n v) [banner] baluardo (n v) {m} [banner]
EN English IT Italian
ensign (n v) [banner] vessillo (n v) {m} [banner]
ensign (n) [nautical] vessillo (n) {m} [nautical]
ensign (n) [military] guardiamarina (n) {m} [military]
EN Synonyms for ensign IT Translations
medallion [token of office] medaglione {m}
insignia [token of office] insegna {f}
escutcheon [token of office] stemma
rosette [token of office] rosetta {f}
badge [token of office] scudetto
banner [emblem] striscione (n adj)
symbol [emblem] distintivo
flag [emblem] vessillo {m}
pennant [emblem] fiamma {f}
streamer [emblem] guidone {m}
standard [emblem] modello {m}
emblem [thing] simbolo {m}
colour [thing] tinta {f}
jack [thing] spina telefonica
officer [navy officer] sgherrano
lieutenant [navy officer] tenente {m}