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EN English IT Italian
entry (n) [building] accesso (n) {m} [building]
entry (n) [accounting] articolo (n) {m} [accounting]
entry (n) [act of entering] entrata (n) {f} [act of entering]
entry (n) [action] entrata (n) {f} [action]
entry (n) [building] entrata (n) {f} [building]
EN English IT Italian
entry entrare
entry (n) [contest - man] concorrente (n) {m} [contest - man]
entry (n) [contest - woman] concorrente (n) {m} [contest - woman]
entry petizione {f}
entry (n) [contest] partecipante (n) [contest] (m/f (invariable))
entry (n) [dictionary] voce (n) {f} [dictionary]
entry (n) [act of entering] ingresso (n) {m} [act of entering]
entry (n) [building] ingresso (n) {m} [building]
entry accessione {f}
entry lemma {f}
EN Synonyms for entry IT Translations
access [admittance] adito
entrance [admittance] adito
introduction [admittance] testo introduttivo
key [admittance] bietta {f}
pass [admittance] tessera {f}
admission [admittance] prezzo d'ingresso {m}
entree [access] partecipante (m/f (invariable))
item [item in a log] capo {m}
note [item in a log] annotazione {f}
passage [item in a log] andito
data [item in a log] dato {m}
information [item in a log] contezza
door [entrance] sportello {m}
gate [entrance] valvola {f}
approach [entrance] avvicinamento
hall [entrance] villa {f}
foyer [entrance] hall {f}
lobby [entrance] lobby
opening [building] forame
doorway [building] via di accesso (n)