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every now and again(o)[time] di quando in quando(o)[time]
every now and again(o)[time] ogni tanto(o)[time]
every now and again(o)[time] a volte(o)[time]
every now and again(o)[time] di tanto in tanto(o)[time]

ENITTranslations for every

every(a)[all] tutto(a){m}[all]
every(a)[person] tutto(a){m}[person]
every ogni
every(a)[all] ogni(a)[all]
every(determiner)[all of a countable group] ogni(determiner)[all of a countable group]
every(a)[determiner] ogni(a)[determiner]
every(a)[person] ogni(a)[person]
every tutti
every qualunque
every(a)[determiner] ciascuno(a)[determiner]

ENITTranslations for now

now(n)[general] presente(n){m}[general]
now allora
now adesso
now(o)[general] adesso(o)[general]
now(o)[general] ora(o){f}[general]
now attualmente
now ebbene
now or
now ora{f}

ENITTranslations for and

and e
and(o)[conjunction] e(o)[conjunction]
and(o)[conjunction] ed(o)[conjunction]

ENITTranslations for again

again di nuovo
again(o)[anew] di nuovo(o)[anew]
again(adv prep)[another time] di nuovo(adv prep)[another time]
again(o)[once more] di nuovo(o)[once more]
again(o)[anew] da capo(o)[anew]
again(adv prep)[another time] ancora(adv prep){f}[another time]
again(o)[once more] ancora(o){f}[once more]
again(o)[once more] un'altra volta(o)[once more]
again nuovamente
again ancora{f}