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every one qualunque

EN IT Translations for every

every (a) [all] tutto (a) {m} [all]
every (a) [person] tutto (a) {m} [person]
every ogni
every (a) [all] ogni (a) [all]
every (determiner) [all of a countable group] ogni (determiner) [all of a countable group]
every (a) [determiner] ogni (a) [determiner]
every (a) [person] ogni (a) [person]
every tutti
every qualunque
every (a) [determiner] ciascuno (a) [determiner]

EN IT Translations for one

one questo
one quello
one (a) [general] un (a) [general]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] un (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (a) [general] una (a) [general]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] una (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] un certo (a) [indefinite determiner]
one (a) [indefinite determiner] una certa (a) [indefinite determiner]
one uno {m}
one (n) [cardinal number] uno (n) {m} [cardinal number]