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familial (a) [family] familiare (a) {m} [family]
familial (a) [general] familiare (a) {m} [general]
familial (adj) [of or pertaining to human family] familiare (adj) {m} [of or pertaining to human family]
familial (a) [family] di famiglia (a) [family]
familial (a) [general] di famiglia (a) [general]
EN Synonyms for familial IT Translations
patrimonial [genealogical] patrimoniale
paternal [genealogical] paterno
tribal [genealogical] tribale
ancestral [genealogical] ancestrale
related [related by blood] imparentato
blood relationship [related by blood] parentela {f}
family [related by blood] lari
cognate [related by blood] affine
genealogical [ancestral] genealogico