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ferocious (adj) [Marked by extreme and violent energy] feroce (adj) [Marked by extreme and violent energy]
ferocious (a) [animals] feroce (a) [animals]
ferocious (a) [dog] feroce (a) [dog]
EN Synonyms for ferocious IT Translations
bloodthirsty [characteristic] assetato di sangue
barbarous [characteristic] incivile
murderous [characteristic] assetato di sangue
ruthless [characteristic] crudele
homicidal [characteristic] omicida {m}
savage [characteristic] fera
inhuman [characteristic] distaccato
bloody [characteristic] sanguinolento
untamed [property] indomito
feral [property] selvaggio {m}
unbroken [property] continua
native [property] natìo
agrarian [property] agraria {f}
wild [property] selvatico
belligerent [combative] bellicoso
sparring [combative] pugilato d'allenamento {m}
boxing [combative] pugilato {m}
brawling [combative] baruffa {f}
fighting [combative] baruffa {f}
enraged [angry] adirato