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fester (v) [medicine]
  • festered
  • fester
  • fester
  • festered
  • festered
suppurare (v) [medicine]
  • suppurando
  • avrai suppurato
  • avranno suppurato
EN Synonyms for fester IT Translations
decay [health] intristire
matter [health] stoffa {f}
poison [taint] veleno {m}
destroy [taint] struggere
infect [taint] infettare
defile [taint] inquinare
envenom [taint] intossicare con veleno
fume [consume with rage] fumo {m}
fret [consume with rage] fregio ornamentale
stew [consume with rage] stufato {m}
seethe [consume with rage] fremere
taint [activity] perineo {m}