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EN English IT Italian
fighting (n) [words] disputa (n) {f} [words]
fighting (n) [words] litigio (n) {m} [words]
fighting (n) [words] alterco (n) {m} [words]
fighting (n) [words] bisticcio (n) {m} [words]
fighting (n) [physical activity] rissa (n) {f} [physical activity]
EN English IT Italian
fighting (n) [physical activity] baruffa (n) {f} [physical activity]
EN Synonyms for fighting IT Translations
combat [armed forces] contesa {f}
military [armed forces] bellico
ground [armed forces] fondamento {m}
belligerent [armed forces] bellicoso
martial [armed forces] di guerra
army [armed forces] castrense
war [conflict] guerresco
warfare [conflict] guerra {f}
hostility [conflict] ostilità {f}
sparring [boxing] pugilato d'allenamento {m}
pugilism [boxing] (formal boxe {f}
ferocious [combative] feroce
boxing [combative] pugilato {m}
brawling [combative] baruffa {f}
infantry [ready to fight] fanteria {f}
warring [ready to fight] belligerante
battle [armed conflict] battaglia {f}
encounter [armed conflict] scontrare
conflict [armed conflict] conflitto {m}
contest [armed conflict] certàme