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ENITTranslations for fis

ENITTranslations for alpine

alpine(a)[geology] alpino(a)[geology]
alpine(adj n)[of or relating to mountains] alpino(adj n)[of or relating to mountains]
alpine(adj n)[of or relating to mountains] alpestre(adj n)[of or relating to mountains]
alpine alpinistico

ENITTranslations for world

world(n)[earth] terra(n){f}[earth]
world(n)[earth] globo(n){m}[earth]
world(n)[earth] pianeta terra(n){m}[earth]
world mondo{m}
world(n)[creation] mondo(n){m}[creation]
world(n)[earth] mondo(n){m}[earth]
world(n)[general] mondo(n){m}[general]
world(n v)[human collective existence] mondo(n v){m}[human collective existence]
world(n)[creation] universo(n){m}[creation]
world(n)[creation] creato(n){m}[creation]

ENITTranslations for ski

ski(n)[sports - skiing] sci(n){m}[sports - skiing]
  • skied
  • ski
  • ski
  • skied
  • skied
  • sciando
  • avrai sciato
  • avranno sciato