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fit of anger (n) [behavior] accesso d'ira (n) {m} [behavior]
fit of anger (n) [behavior] stizza (n) {f} [behavior]

EN IT Translations for fit

fit (v) [description] rispondere a (v) [description]
fit atto {m}
fit (n) [medicine] attacco (n) {m} [medicine]
fit (n) [behavior] accesso (n) {m} [behavior]
fit (n) [behavior] crisi (n) {f} [behavior]
  • fitted
  • fit
  • fit
  • fitted
  • fitted
  • montando
  • sarai montato
  • saranno montati
fit (v) [clothing]
  • fitted
  • fit
  • fit
  • fitted
  • fitted
donare (v) [clothing]
  • donando
  • avrai donato
  • avranno donato
fit (v) [objects] andare bene (v) [objects]
fit (v) [size] andare bene (v) [size]
fit (v) [description] corrispondere a (v) [description]

EN IT Translations for of

of (o) [time] meno (o) {m} [time]
of (o) [general] per (o) [general]
of (o) [time] a (o) [time]
of sopra {m}
of di
of (o) [books] di (o) [books]
of (o) [general] di (o) [general]
of (o) [material] di (o) [material]
of (o) [origin] di (o) [origin]
of (o) [possession] di (o) [possession]

EN IT Translations for anger

anger (n) [feelings] rabbia (n) {f} [feelings]
anger (n) [feelings] collera (n) {f} [feelings]
anger ira {f}
anger (n) [feelings] ira (n) {f} [feelings]
anger furia {f}
anger cruccio {m}
  • angered
  • anger
  • anger
  • angered
  • angered
  • corrucciando
  • avrai corrucciato
  • avranno corrucciato
anger rabbia {f}
anger collera {f}