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ENIT Translations for flushed

ENIT Translations for with

with (o)[in the company of] insieme a (o)[in the company of]
with (o)[feature] da (o)[feature]
with con
with (o)[at the same rate as] con (o)[at the same rate as]
with (o)[feature] con (o)[feature]
with (o)[general] con (o)[general]
with (o)[in the case of] con (o)[in the case of]
with (o)[in the company of] con (o)[in the company of]

ENIT Translations for anger

anger (n)[feelings] rabbia (n){f}[feelings]
anger (n)[feelings] collera (n){f}[feelings]
anger ira {f}
anger (n)[feelings] ira (n){f}[feelings]
anger furia {f}
anger cruccio {m}
  • angered
  • anger
  • anger
  • angered
  • angered
  • corrucciando
  • avrai corrucciato
  • avranno corrucciato
anger rabbia {f}
anger collera {f}