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ENIT Translations for fond

fond (a)[person] affettuoso (a)[person]
fond (a)[person] tenero (a)[person]
fond (a)[person] dolce (a){m}[person]
fond (a)[person] amoroso (a)[person]

ENIT Translations for of

of (o)[time] meno (o){m}[time]
of (o)[general] per (o)[general]
of (o)[time] a (o)[time]
of sopra {m}
of di
of (o)[books] di (o)[books]
of (o)[general] di (o)[general]
of (o)[material] di (o)[material]
of (o)[origin] di (o)[origin]
of (o)[possession] di (o)[possession]

ENIT Translations for joking

joking (a)[behavior] faceto (a)[behavior]
joking (a)[facetious] faceto (a)[facetious]
joking (n)[behavior] buffonata (n){f}[behavior]
joking (n)[behavior] pagliacciata (n){f}[behavior]
joking (n)[behavior] scherzo (n){m}[behavior]
joking (a)[behavior] spiritoso (a)[behavior]
joking (a)[facetious] arguto (a)[facetious]
joking (a)[behavior] canzonatorio (a)[behavior]
joking (a)[behavior] ironico (a)[behavior]
joking (n)[behavior] canzonatura (n){f}[behavior]