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ENIT Translations for football

football (n)[sports] football americano (n){m}[sports]
football (n)[sports - soccer] palla (n){f}[sports - soccer]
football (n)[sports - soccer] pallone (n){m}[sports - soccer]
football calcio {m}
football (n)[British game] calcio (n){m}[British game]

ENIT Translations for around

around (o)[estimation] pressappoco (o)[estimation]
around (o)[estimation] approssimativamente (o)[estimation]
around (o)[estimation] circa (o)[estimation]
around (o)[estimation] quasi (o)[estimation]
around (o)[time] verso (o){m}[time]
around (o)[general] intorno a (o)[general]
around (o)[here and there] intorno a (o)[here and there]
around (o)[surrounding] intorno a (o)[surrounding]
around (o)[here and there] qua e là (o)[here and there]
around (o)[here and there] in giro (o)[here and there]

ENIT Translations for the

the (o)[definite article] lo (o)[definite article]
the il
the (o)[definite article] il (o)[definite article]
the della
the (o)[definite article] la (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] l' (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] i (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] le (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] gli (o)[definite article]

ENIT Translations for world

world (n)[earth] terra (n){f}[earth]
world (n)[earth] globo (n){m}[earth]
world (n)[earth] pianeta terra (n){m}[earth]
world mondo {m}
world (n)[creation] mondo (n){m}[creation]
world (n)[earth] mondo (n){m}[earth]
world (n)[general] mondo (n){m}[general]
world (n v)[human collective existence] mondo (n v){m}[human collective existence]
world (n)[creation] universo (n){m}[creation]
world (n)[creation] creato (n){m}[creation]