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EN IT Translations for football

football (n) [sports] football americano (n) {m} [sports]
football (n) [sports - soccer] palla (n) {f} [sports - soccer]
football (n) [sports - soccer] pallone (n) {m} [sports - soccer]
football calcio {m}
football (n) [British game] calcio (n) {m} [British game]

EN IT Translations for league

league (n) [organization] alleanza (n) {f} [organization]
league (n) [organization] unione (n) {f} [organization]
league (n) [organization] lega (n) {f} [organization]
league (n) [sports] lega (n) {f} [sports]
league (n) [organization] società (n) {f} [organization]
league (n) [organization] associazione (n) {f} [organization]
league (n) [sports] federazione (n) {f} [sports]
league (n) [organization] organizzazione (n) {f} [organization]

EN IT Translations for championship

championship (n) [sports] titolo (n) {m} [sports]
championship (n) [competition to determine a champion] campionato (n) {m} [competition to determine a champion]
championship (n) [sports] campionato (n) {m} [sports]
championship maestranza

IT EN Translations for football