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EN English IT Italian
foremost (a) [general] principale (a) [general]
foremost (a) [general] più importante (a) [general]
EN Synonyms for foremost IT Translations
initial [position] początkowy
first [position] najpierw
front [ahead] przód {m}
forward [ahead] naprzód
main [chief] nadrzędny
major [chief] major {m}
vital [chief] życiowy
capital [chief] kapitał {m}
cardinal [characteristic] kardynał
chief [characteristic] szef {m}
principal [characteristic] sprawca {m}
head [characteristic] główka {f}
excellent [in the highest degree] doskonały
prime [in the highest degree] liczba pierwsza
superior [in the highest degree] nadrzędny
distinctive [important] charakterystyczny
grand [important] wielki
best [comparison] optymalny
top [comparison] bąk {m}