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ENIT Translations for fortress

fortress forte {m}
fortress fortezza {f}
fortress (n)[architecture] fortezza (n){f}[architecture]
fortress (n v)[fortified place] fortezza (n v){f}[fortified place]
fortress (n)[architecture] piazzaforte (n){f}[architecture]
fortress (n v)[fortified place] rocca (n v){f}[fortified place]
fortress rocca {f}

ENIT Translations for of

of (o)[time] meno (o){m}[time]
of (o)[general] per (o)[general]
of (o)[time] a (o)[time]
of sopra {m}
of di
of (o)[books] di (o)[books]
of (o)[general] di (o)[general]
of (o)[material] di (o)[material]
of (o)[origin] di (o)[origin]
of (o)[possession] di (o)[possession]

ENIT Translations for solitude

solitude (n)[general](formal) solitudine (n){f}[general]
solitude (n)[state of being alone](formal) solitudine (n){f}[state of being alone]