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fortune favors the bold (proverb)[luck favors the adventurous](proverb) la fortuna aiuta gli audaci (proverb)[luck favors the adventurous](proverb)

ENIT Translations for fortune

fortune patrimonio {m}
fortune (n)[future] destino (n){m}[future]
fortune (n)[future] sorte (n){f}[future]
fortune (n)[future] fato (n){m}[future]
fortune (n)[possession] fortuna (n){f}[possession]
fortune (n)[success] fortuna (n){f}[success]
fortune (n)[possession] ricchezze (n){f}[possession]

ENIT Translations for the

the (o)[definite article] lo (o)[definite article]
the il
the (o)[definite article] il (o)[definite article]
the della
the (o)[definite article] la (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] l' (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] i (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] le (o)[definite article]
the (o)[definite article] gli (o)[definite article]

ENIT Translations for bold

bold (a)[attempt] audace (a)[attempt]
bold (a)[behavior] audace (a)[behavior]
bold (n adj v)[courageous, daring] audace (n adj v)[courageous, daring]
bold (a)[attempt] temerario (a){m}[attempt]
bold (a)[behavior] sfacciato (a)[behavior]
bold (a)[behavior] impudente (a){f}[behavior]
bold (a)[behavior] intrepido (a)[behavior]
bold (a)[behavior] coraggioso (a)[behavior]
bold (n adj v)[courageous, daring] coraggioso (n adj v)[courageous, daring]
bold (a)[behavior] impavido (a)[behavior]