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Franco Franco
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franco (a) [comportamento] {m} blunt (a) [comportamento]
franco {m} postage paid
franco (adj proper) [of or pertaining to the Franks] {m} Frankish (adj proper) [of or pertaining to the Franks]
franco (a) [generale] {m} bluff (a) [generale]
franco (a) [conversazione] {m} heart-to-heart (a) [conversazione]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} forthright (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} plainspoken (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} free-spoken (a) [comportamento]
franco (n) [numismatica] {m} franc (n) [numismatica]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} outspoken (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} unreserved (a) [comportamento] (formal)
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} plain (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} up-front (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} upfront (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [generale] {m} candid (a) [generale]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} straightforward (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} frank (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [carattere] {m} frank (a) [carattere]
franco (a) [verità] {m} straight (a) [verità]
franco (a) [comportamento] {m} straight (a) [comportamento]
franco (a) [carattere] {m} open (a) [carattere]

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