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frequency (n) [general] frequenza (n) {f} [general]
frequency (n) [number of occurrences divided by time] frequenza (n) {f} [number of occurrences divided by time]
EN Synonyms for frequency IT Translations
size [dimension] omvang {m}
capacity [dimension] capaciteit {f}
quantity [dimension] sterkte {f}
mass [dimension] menigte {f}
volume [dimension] jaargang {m}
magnitude [dimension] rang {m}
measure [dimension] kwantificeren
occurrence [rate of occurrence] voorval {n}
range [rate of occurrence] testgebied {n}
scope [rate of occurrence] speelruimte {m}
spread [rate of occurrence] verbreiden
direction [rate of occurrence] richtlijn {m}
trend [rate of occurrence] rage {m}
incidence [rate of occurrence] incidentie {f}
arrangement [occurrence] maatregel {m}
order [occurrence] commanderen
pattern [occurrence] knippatroon
saturation [occurrence] verzadiging {f}
relationship [occurrence] familiebetrekking
configuration [occurrence] configuratie {f}