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frigidity (n)[behavior] indifferenza (n){f}[behavior]
frigidity (n)[woman] frigidità (n){f}[woman]
frigidity (n)[behavior] freddezza (n){f}[behavior]
frigidity (n)[temperature] freddezza (n){f}[temperature]
EN Synonyms for frigidityIT Translations
inability [inability to act] Unvermögen (n)
feebleness [inability to act] Asthenie {f}
barrenness [inability to act] Aridität {f}
inadequacy [inability to act] Unangemessenheit {f}
impotence [inability to act] Ohnmacht {f}
cold [coldness] kalt
chill [coldness] Gußform
ice [coldness] Eis {n}
freeze [coldness] Einfrieren (n)
frost [coldness] Frost {m}
coolness [cold] Reserviertheit {f}
nip [cold] kneifen
freezing [cold] eiskalt
coldness [cold] Kälte {f}