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fruition (n) [general] realizzazione (n) {f} [general]
fruition (n) [condition of bearing fruit] fruttificazione (n) [condition of bearing fruit] (n)
EN Synonyms for fruition IT Translations
delectation [enjoyment] diletto {m}
delight [enjoyment] piacere {m}
gladness [enjoyment] contentezza {f}
gratification [enjoyment] gratificazione
happiness [enjoyment] bene {m}
pleasure [enjoyment] contento
triumph [satisfaction] trionfo {m}
enjoyment [satisfaction] godimento {m}
achievement [accomplishment] risultato {m}
attainment [accomplishment] raggiungimento {m}
completion [accomplishment] ultimazione {f}
realization [accomplishment] percezione {f}
fulfilment [accomplishment] compimento {m}
performance [accomplishment] rendimento {m}