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fuse box (n)[electricity] scatola delle valvole (n){f}[electricity]
fuse box (n)[electricity] portafusibili (n){m}[electricity]

ENIT Translations for fuse

fuse valvola {f}
fuse (n)[electricity] valvola fusibile (n){f}[electricity]
fuse (n)[electricity] fusibile (n){m}[electricity]
fuse (n v)[cord] miccia (n v){f}[cord]
fuse (n)[explosives] miccia (n){f}[explosives]
fuse spoletta
fuse fóndere

ENIT Translations for box

box (n)[container] recipiente (n){m}[container]
box (n)[container] contenitore (n){m}[container]
box palco {m}
box (v)[sports] fare del pugilato (v)[sports]
box (v)[sports] fare il pugile (v)[sports]
box (n)[botany - tree] legno di bosso (n){m}[botany - tree]
box (n v)[any of various evergreen shrubs or trees] bosso (n v){m}[any of various evergreen shrubs or trees]
box (n)[botany - tree] bosso (n){m}[botany - tree]
box scatola {f}
box (n)[container] scatola (n){f}[container]