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fusion (n) [act of melting something by heating it] fusione (n) {f} [act of melting something by heating it]
fusion (n) [physics] fusione (n) {f} [physics]
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blend [combination] fusione {f}
mix [combination] miscuglio {m}
admixture [combination] misto {m}
alloy [combination] lega {f}
compound [combination] misto {m}
mixture [combination] mescolanza {f}
adhesion [cohesion] aderenza {f}
cleavage [cohesion] segmentazione {f}
attachment [cohesion] fortificazione {f}
union [cohesion] lega {f}
connection [cohesion] raccordo {m}
coherence [cohesion] coerenza {f}
junction [joining] giuntura {f}
association [joining] fasciatura {f}
uniting [joining] combinazione {f}
unification [joining] unificazione {f}
combination [joining] combinazione {f}
amalgamation [fusing or melting] amalgamazione {f}
welding [fusing or melting] saldatura {f}
amalgam [mixing] amalgama {m}
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