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EN English IT Italian
growth (n) [medicine] escrescenza (n) {f} [medicine]
growth (n) [quantity] aumento (n) {m} [quantity]
growth (n) [act of growing] crescita (n) {f} [act of growing]
growth (n) [botany] crescita (n) {f} [botany]
growth (n) [development] crescita (n) {f} [development]
EN English IT Italian
growth (n) [quantity] crescita (n) {f} [quantity]
growth (n) [quantity] espansione (n) {f} [quantity]
growth (n) [development] sviluppo (n) {m} [development]
growth evoluzione {f}
growth (n) [botany] accrescimento (n) {m} [botany]
EN Synonyms for growth IT Translations
copse [stand] matorral {m}
forest [stand] bosque {m}
wood [stand] leña {f}
crop [stand] siega {f}
grove [stand] arboleda {f}
limb [thing] miembro {m}
stick [thing] bastón {m}
crotch [thing] entrepierna
arm [thing] brazo {m}
bough [thing] ramo {m}
fork [thing] horquilla {f}
offshoot [thing] vástago
branch [thing] ramificar
tumour [health] tumor {m}
swelling [health] hinchazón {f}
outgrowth [health] consecuencia {f}
excrescence [health] excrescencia {f}
cancer [health] cáncer {m}
stand [nature] posición {f}
bulk [height] bulto {m}