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ITEN Translations for guerra

guerra (n)[disaccordo]{f} strife (n)[disaccordo](formal)
guerra {f} war
guerra (n)[generale]{f} war (n)[generale]
guerra (n)[militare]{f} warfare (n)[militare]

ITEN Translations for calcio

calcio {m} football
calcio (n)[British game]{m} football (n)[British game]
calcio {m} coup de pied
calcio (n)[movimento]{m} kick (n)[movimento]
calcio {m} soccer
calcio (n v)[game]{m} soccer (n v)[game]
calcio (n)[sport]{m} soccer (n)[sport]
calcio (n)[sport]{m} association football (n)[sport](formal)
calcio {m} calcium
calcio (n)[chemical element of atomic number 20]{m} calcium (n)[chemical element of atomic number 20]