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EN IT Translations for aircraft

aircraft aeroplano {m}
aircraft (n) [aviation] aeroplano (n) {m} [aviation]
aircraft (n) [aviation] aereo (n) {m} [aviation]
aircraft (n) [aviation] velivolo (n) {m} [aviation]
aircraft (n) [aviation] aeromobile (n) {m} [aviation]
aircraft (n) [machine capable of atmospheric flight] aeromobile (n) {m} [machine capable of atmospheric flight]
aircraft aereo {m}
aircraft velivolo {m}

EN IT Translations for carrier

carrier (n) [nautical] corriere (n) {m} [nautical]
carrier (n) [transport] corriere (n) {m} [transport]
carrier (n) [aviation] compagnia aerea (n) {f} [aviation]
carrier (n) [military] nave portaerei (n) {f} [military]
carrier (n) [nautical] agenzia di spedizioni (n) {f} [nautical]
carrier (n) [nautical] spedizioniere (n) {m} [nautical]
carrier (n) [transport] spedizioniere (n) {m} [transport]
carrier (n) [transport] vettore (n) {m} [transport]