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layer (n) [horticulture] propaggine (n) {f} [horticulture]
layer (n) [geology] strato (n) {m} [geology]
layer (n) [paint] strato (n) {m} [paint]
layer (n) [substance] strato (n) {m} [substance]
layer (n) [geology] falda (n) {f} [geology]
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layer (v) [general]
  • layered
  • layer
  • layer
  • layered
  • layered
stratificare (v) [general]
  • stratificando
  • avrai stratificato
  • avranno stratificato
layer sfalda
EN Synonyms for layer IT Translations
stratum [thing] subsoloia
tier [thing] camada {f}
order [thing] ordemr
lap [thing] capade chuva
range [thing] sérieheiro
row [thing] (informal linha {f}
series [thing] sequência (n)
course [thing] correr
stuffing [stuff used to fill] recheiorredondar
contents [stuff used to fill] conteúdo {m}
centre [stuff used to fill] centro {m}
dressing [stuff used to fill] tempero {m}
filling [stuff used to fill] enchimento (materiais)
covering [substance] prótaseentepetência
film [substance] filme {m}
coating [substance] camada {f}
crust [substance] crosta {f}
plate [substance] prato(a)
incrustation [substance] incrustação {f}
dander [substance] caspa {f}