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might (n) [general] (literature) potere (n) {m} [general]
might (v) [possibility] (literature) potere (v) {m} [possibility]
EN Synonyms for might IT Translations
cunning [competence] furbesco (adj)
capability [competence] qualifica {f}
adequacy [competence] adeguatezza {f}
endowment [competence] erezione {f}
capacity [competence] portata {f}
genius [competence] genialità {f}
ability [competence] disinvoltura {f}
energy [characteristic] forza {f}
dynamism [characteristic] energia {f}
impetus [characteristic] impulso {m}
potential [characteristic] fattibile
intensity [characteristic] intensità {f}
power [characteristic] vigore {m}
strength [characteristic] possanza
force [characteristic] vigente
will [probability] lasciare in eredità
may [probability] potere {m}
vigour [physical condition] BE possa
nerve [physical condition] nervo {m}
potency [energy] potenza {f}