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monstrous (a) [horrible] orrendo (a) [horrible]
monstrous mostro {m}
monstrous (a) [horrible] mostruoso (a) [horrible]
EN Synonyms for monstrous IT Translations
hideous [horrible] abominevole
appalling [horrible] miserrimo
abominable [horrible] nefando
disgusting [horrible] rivoltante
outrageous [horrible] oltraggioso
atrocious [horrible] efferato
clumsy [large and clumsy] sgraziato
large [large and clumsy] ampio
awkward [large and clumsy] inetto
ungainly [large and clumsy] sgraziato
enormous [large and clumsy] poderoso
huge [large and clumsy] ingente
elephantine [large and clumsy] elefantesco
evil [character trait] mal
infamous [character trait] nefando
wicked [character trait] malizioso
fiendish [character trait] demoniaco
traitorous [character trait] traditore {m}
diabolic [character trait] infernale
black [character trait] nera {f}