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off (o) [person] assente (o) {m} [person]
off da
off distante
off destro
off strada {f}
EN English IT Italian
off perso
off dalla
EN Synonyms for off IT Translations
aloof [not too close] afstandelijk
afar [not too close] (literature ver weg
distant [not too close] afstandelijk
away [not too close] vandoor
backward [direction] achtergebleven
to the rear [direction] achterdeks
rearward [direction] terug
back [direction] achterhoedespeler
disappearing [part of speech] weg zijn {n}
vanishing [part of speech] weg zijn {n}
remote [property] veraf
negligent [property] nalatig
slight [property] minachting {f}
small [property] min
slim [property] diëten (adj n v)
slender [property] slank
outside [property] van buiten
ahead [position] indertijd
far [position] ver
behind [position] na