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outset principio {m}
EN Synonyms for outset IT Translations
opening [commencement] aberturade crédito especial
dawn [commencement] começo {m}
emergence [commencement] emersãoera
start [commencement] salto {m}
beginning [commencement] princípio {m}
commencement [origin] início {m}
onset [origin] investida(de poder))
inception [origin] começar (algo)
inauguration [origin] inauguração {f}
origin [point of departure] principesco
starting point [point of departure] estaca zero {f}
bottom [starting point] fundota
brink [starting point] beira {f}
threshold [starting point] limiar {m}
rise [start] levantar
genesis [start] (formal origem {f}
outbreak [beginning] eczema {m}
appearance [beginning] aparição {f}